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FGN Guitars

FGN Fujigen Guitars Iliad BIL2RHS (Sapphire Blue Metallic)

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Made in Japan Professional Guitars Never Seemed More Affordable 

The Iliad (IL) series was created based on our expertise producing the traditional T-style guitars. Keeping the traditional feel in mind, the IL comes with various modern features that meet a wide range of player's needs across all genres.


Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.)

All FGN guitars and basses come with a unique Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.). It was created by FGN based on an idea to offer better pitch and articulation than conventional guitars and basses. All frets are installed on fingerboard in slightly curved shape, so that every string crosses all the frets in 90 degrees, i.e. to offer a minimum contact of string on a fret, and it makes the scale length of every string even while it actually varies on conventional fretting. The C.F.S. is a solution of fretting on a traditional guitar and bass and it offers clearer articulation and tones which give dimension when you play a cord and also cut through the mix when you play single notes.

The compound radius fingerboard has smaller (rounder) radius towards nut while larger (flatter) radius towards neck end i.e. similar to a shape of a cone.This allows for much easier chord playing at lower frets while having less stress, especially when bending strings at higher registers.

Body Shape: Iliad
Body Wood: Basswood
Body Color: 
Sapphire Blue Metallic
Neck Wood: Maple Neck
Neck Finish: Satin
Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood
Neck Shape: U Shape
Fingerboard Radius: Compound Radius 
Frets: 22 Medium Frets
Scale: 25.5" 
Bridge Pickup: FGN BIL-b
Neck Pickup: FGN BH-n
Tuners: Gotoh® SD91-05M
Color: Chrome


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