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Laney The Difference Engine Tri-Mode Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

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The Difference Engine superbly emulates three classic eras of delay.

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • Dynamic

Its powerful processor then allows you to manipulate time by combining features from each era to form new and stunning unique delays.


The tape echo era – modelled around the RE space echo family of delays featuring all the warmth and analogue nuances of tape.


The digital era – based on the crisp sounding digital delays of the 80’s with tap tempo and freeze functions.


And thirdly the Dynamic Digital era – based of the power delays of the 90’s with modulation and ducking features

  • Warm sounding analogue tone.
  • Delay times up to 1250ms.
  • Straight delay from a single head.
  • Multi-head delays - classic overlaid delay effect.
  • Tape artifacts - WOW & FLUTTER
  • Straight digital delay - 2500 MS of delay.
  • Multi Tap Delay
  • Modulation on repeats.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Based on the legendary 2290.
  • Straight DUCKED digital delay, up to 2500 MS of delay.
  • Modulation on repeats.
  • Phase reversal on delay repeats - wrap around delays.
  • Multi Tap delay
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