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Tone City

Tone City Black Tea Distortion Pedal USED

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When you feel like you need new sounds from your amp, the Tone City Black Tea can provide that unmistakable AC-30 sound that can make your guitar sing out.

Do you like the old-school jangly rock 'n' roll or just British rock in general? If so, this pedal is a must-have for your pedalboard.

British Overdrive & Distortion

Instead of keeping your base tones intact, the Black Tea is designed to go in front of nearly any clean channel, giving any amplifier more versatility.

Whether you're looking for a mild overdrive or a big classic rock sound, the gain controls will grant you access to those tones. 

The tone control, however, is the key ingredient, taking you from a smooth and rounded tone to a bright jangle with plenty of top-end definition and cut.

All Tone City pedals are designed with a micro pedal format in mind to save you space on your pedal board!

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