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TreeHouse Compact Nesting Kit 4-Piece USED

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A full four piece drum kit with a tom, floor tom, snare, and bass drum that all fits into one case! 

What’s going on here is a well-designed version of a “Russian Doll” concept of stacking little drums inside bigger drums.  This only works if the kit is playable, sounds good and is truly portable.  TreeHouse has come up with a solution which is made of high-quality parts and shells, packs up ridiculously small, looks and sounds great, and doesn’t make the player look like a linebacker on a tricycle.

Why nest your drums?

Different folks have different goals with this series  Some are about Lightweight.  How Light can you get your drumset?  Others are interested in Small.  How Small can drums be and still sound great?  Yet other folks just dig the idea of Compact.  How’s about just one trip in from the van?
Included with the kit: 
Snare: 14x4.5
Bass: 20x15
Tom: 12x6.5
Floor Tom: 16x9.5
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